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The perfect duo to build lean muscle and maintain a healthy body composition*

muscle health bundle


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grass-fed whey protein isolate+

Grass-fed whey protein isolate

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Next-generation support for muscle & brain health*

Our creatine+ is a muscle and strength essential. The combination of creatine and taurine provides your body the amino acid support it needs to build lean muscle and support healthy aging goals. Remember: Your body's natural creatine and taurine stores deplete as you age. Replenish both with creatine+.*

• Critical compounds your body needs daily
• Promotes lean muscle mass, strength, and performance*
• Bolsters brain health and cognition*
• Assists in exercise recovery and muscle soreness*
• Supports heart health and vascular function*

vanilla grass-fed whey protein isolate+

25 grams of clean protein to support lean muscle mass*

With a complete array of BCAAs, including 2.5 grams of leucine per serving grass-fed whey protein isolate+ is as premium as it gets (meaning the cows are happy, the protein is pure and clean). You'll get 25 grams of highly absorbable, complete protein—plus it’s super tasty and easy to digest.

High-quality, complete protein source to support lean muscle*
Contains 18 unique amino acids, including 2.5 grams of leucine
Essential for strength, performance, and recovery*
Assists in blood sugar balance and satiety*
Easy to digest—lower in lactose and no casein
Delicious flavor and smooth texture (not chalky like many powders)
No artificial sweeteners, flavoring chemicals, or other bad stuff

3x vanilla grass-fed whey protein isolate+ and 1x creatine+ delivered every 60 days.

It’s time to rethink our relationship with strength, muscle, and protein.

That’s right: Protein, creatine, and taurine are the key ingredients to healthy aging heaven.

We created grass-fed whey protein isolate+ and creatine+ with taurine as a synergistic pairing for folks looking to improve their body comp (more lean muscle, more strength), feel satiated, and embrace a stronger you. This next-generation bundle helps close the gap on your daily protein goals and provides you all the benefits of a healthy body composition.*

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grass fed whey protein isolate+

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