Why People Are Ditching Traditional Multivitamins for this Revolutionary Multi

Multivitamins should be multi-purpose (it’s practically spelled out in the name). But not all of them are. Some multis only offer a handful of vitamins and minerals in pitiful amounts that really won’t make an impact on your health.

But not mindbodygreen’s ultimate multivitamin+. Just two capsules daily provides you with 14 vitamins, 13 minerals and 6 powerful antioxidants that support pretty much every organ, muscle, and cell in your body.* Each nutrient is in its most bioavailable form, your body will actually absorb and utilize these nutrients.

 Here’s why it should be your multi of choice to enhance your daily nutrition.  

1. Support For Every Major Body System:

This comprehensive array of vitamins and minerals including iron, calcium, potassium, D3, and vitamin K2—that other multis skimp on or ignore. Have peace of mind that you’re meeting the daily recommended amounts for each vitamin and mineral that’s critical for brain power, a robust immune system, a healthy heart, strong bones and muscles, and vision*

2. Detoxification support:

We are constantly bombarded by daily toxins in products, air, water, and food in levels we can’t control. And we are proud to say that we are the first multivitamin that offers the patented (and coveted) antioxidant Setria® glutathione. Glutathione combats toxins in the body and provides a daily cleanup to help protect our cells. It also supports:*

  • Making DNA and proteins

  • Helping neutralize and clear cellular debris and toxins

  • Promoting liver function and efficiency

  • Improving immune response

3. Energy you can feel:

We included a complete, built-in B complex with all eight B vitamins in their most bioavailable form (yes, we mean methylated) to promote cellular energy production.*

4. Beauty benefits:

Unlike traditional multis, we include essential nutrients that promote strong and healthy hair, skin and nails. Customers often mention they notice longer, fuller, thicker hair when taking ultimate multivitamin+.*

5. Thoughtful Ingredients

ultimate multivitamin+ is formulated to be 100% vegan (which is rare for a multi), including an organic vegan source of vitamin D3 (from algae), and nutrients of concern for those not eating a lot of (or any) animal products like vitamin B12, iron, calcium, and zinc. Premium chelated and marine minerals make this multi gentle on the stomach and easily absorbed by the body*. ultimate multivitamin+ is formulated to be free of gluten, GMOs, soy, dairy, major food allergens, sugar, calories, colors, sweeteners, flavors, preservatives, binders, and coatings.

If you made it this far, you’re obviously serious about your health…


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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

 †Compared to 59 multivitamins from 15 leading brands, mindbodygreen's ultimate multivitamin+ is the most comprehensive multivitamin in the market, providing the largest number of active ingredients in meaningful doses (no sprinkling or proprietary blends) in just 2 pills. One serving (2 capsules) of ultimate multivitamin+ delivers 33 unique active ingredients. This high-potency formula provides up to 3 times more active ingredients (i.e., vitamins, minerals, botanicals, and other bioactives) than other multivitamins in the market, which can sometimes feature less than 10 active ingredients. 


ultimate multivitamin+

daily essentials
Daily comprehensive multi that provides your body with a steady supply of the nutrients it needs to function at its best*

brain guard+

Brain nutrition for cognitive performance and mental clarity*


gut health
Four targeted strains to beat bloating and support gut health*

omega-3 potency+

daily essentials
Delivers the right amount of crucial fatty acids so your body can function at its best.*


muscle health
Next-generation support for muscle & brain health*

grass-fed whey protein isolate+

muscle health
25 grams of clean protein to support lean muscle mass*

muscle health bundle+

muscle health
The perfect duo to build lean muscle and maintain a healthy body composition*

eye health+

Daily Essentials
Visual performance support for the digital age*


metabolic health
Multi-pronged approach to promote healthy weight & body composition*

sleep support+

Finally, a supplement that delivers deep sleep - without any morning grogginess*

postbiotic hand wash

barrier supporting skin care
Bright scent, lush lather & hydrating ingredients

postbiotic hand cream

microbiome skin care
Rich yet fast-absorbing formula that nourish your microbiome

dry body oil

barrier supporting skin care
Instantly restore radiance to dull, lackluster skin

organic fiber potency+

gut health
Advanced fiber sources to promote satiety and regularity*

beauty & gut collagen+

The one-step beauty routine for holistic inside-out support.*

best skin+

A revolutionary, science-backed cosmeceutical*

vitamin D3 potency+

daily essentials
Optimized vitamin D3 with absorption technology for whole-body health*


Sustained daily energy and focus, minus the crash*

liver detox+

daily essentials
Detox support to promote liver and whole-body cleanup*

dream mist

nighttime linen mist
A turn-down service for your senses

turmeric potency+

Daily Essentials
Promotes a healthy inflammatory response for whole-body health*

postbiotic body lotion

barrier supporting skin care
Ultra-hydrating formula that nourishes your skin barrier

vitamin C potency+

Daily Essentials
A potent antioxidant that helps your body run properly every single day— not just certain times of the year.*

gut health bundle+

Gut Health
Reset your gut microbiome and optimize digestive health through the power of pre- and probiotics*

methylation support+

daily essentials
Supports cardiovascular health with ultra potent B vitamin complex*

organic greens detox+

daily essentials
Nutritional power of daily greens made easy*

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