sleep support+

The deep and restorative sleep you've always dreamt about*

sleep support+

This revolutionary, doctor-recommended formula will change the way you sleep – without any grogginess. You’ll hit the pillow ready for sleep and wake up energized to take on the day.*

  • Increase relaxation on night 1*†
  • Decrease mental fatigue in first week*†
  • Fall asleep faster in first 3 weeks*†
  • Increase deep sleep, total sleep time, and sleep efficiency within 4 weeks*†

Our cutting-edge formula is made with 2 patented ingredients including magnesium bisglycinate and PharmaGABA®, and jujube, which has been used for thousands of years to help with sleep.*

It’s melatonin-free because:
1. Melatonin is considered a drug in the EU.
2. You can develop a tolerance over time.
3. It can mess with your hormones.


Four targeted strains to beat bloating and support gut health*


probiotic+ is the only blend in the world with this combination of four strains, specifically designed to ease bloating, aid digestion, and elevate your gut microbiome. These probiotic strains have been clinically shown to support gut health and maintain key, daily functions of the digestive system.*

  • Helps reduce bloat*
  • Aids proper digestion and nutrient absorption*
  • Promotes abdominal comfort and regularity*
  • Supports a healthy weight*
  • 32 billion CFU shelf-stable bacteria

beauty & gut collagen+ powder

Collagen (types I & III) from grass-fed, pasture-raised Brazilian cows with other beauty and gut-centric bioactives, micronutrients, and antioxidants to deliver a delectable blend—for ultimate inside-out support for glowing skin, strong hair and nails, and a healthy gut.*

beauty & gut collagen+ powder

We combined high-quality collagen (types I & III) from grass-fed, pasture-raised Brazilian cows with other beauty and gut-centric bioactives, micronutrients, and antioxidants to deliver a delectable blend—for ultimate inside-out support for glowing skin, strong hair and nails, and a healthy gut.*

  • Promotes skin elasticity and hydration*
  • Supports strong hair and nails & enhance skin moisture and smoothness*
  • Helps protect cells from oxidative stress and photoaging*
  • Supports a healthy intestinal lining*
  • 17.7g of grass-fed collagen peptides (types I & III)

ultimate multivitamin+

The most comprehensive daily multi on the market in just 2 capsules. Up to 3x more ingredients than the competition.*†

ultimate multivitamin+

Did you know that your body can’t actually make most of the nutrients it requires to function properly? And even if you eat a ton of fruits and vegetables, you’re still not getting everything you need because of soil depletion and the amount of nutrients found in our food. After all, decades of conventional farming have seriously robbed our food of nutrients. Enter: Your new go-to multivitamin.

We revolutionized the old school multivitamin to deliver the most comprehensive set of ingredients in just 2 capsules a day. In addition to the vitamins you expect, it includes: Iron, calcium, magnesium, a premium set of longevity botanicals, a complete B complex, and more. It’s a high-potency vegan multivitamin and healthy aging supplement all-in-one, because if you live to be 90, you’re going to want a healthy brain, strong bones and muscles, resilient immunity, sharp eyesight, energy, and more.*†

We use premium, gentle, and potent versions of each ingredient, whereas many other vitamin companies (we won’t name names) just “sprinkle” some of what’s on their label.

  • Up to 3x more ingredients than the competition for whole-body health*†
  • Really rare in a multivitamin: Longevity botanicals to combat free radicals and support cellular integrity and resilience for graceful aging. Think of it as one of the easiest steps you can take to protect your future self.*
  • Critical for brain power ✔️a robust immune system ✔️a healthy heart ✔️strong bones and muscles ✔️ hair, skin, and nail health ✔️ vision✔️*
  • Just the right dosage: All of the essential vitamins and minerals you need for a long and full life*
  • Gentle on your stomach*

vitamin D3 potency+

Optimized vitamin D3 with absorption technology for whole-body health*

vitamin D3 potency+

Vitamin D is one of the most common nutrient deficiencies that is practically impossible to restore naturally. We derived our vitamin D3 potency+ from organic algae, the highest quality source. A trio of organic virgin oils drives optimal vitamin D absorption, in addition to delivering healthy omega-3 and omega-9 fatty acids with antioxidant and pro-metabolic health properties. Just one gelcap daily promotes vitamin D sufficiency for life.*

  • Promotes healthy vitamin D levels in the body*
  • 5,000 IU vitamin D3 in each serving (1 gelcap)
  • Supports bone, teeth, muscle, and immune health*
  • High-potency organic algal vitamin D3 source
  • Built-in absorption technology with organic oils*

organic veggies+

Nutritional power of daily greens made easy*

organic veggies+

organic veggies+ features a USDA certified organic whole foods blend with 31 powerhouse ingredients, including organic alkalizing sea vegetables, dark leafy greens, root vegetables, berries, herbal botanicals, digestive enzymes, prebiotic fiber, and probiotics. This great-tasting, clean, and organic blend elevates any meal.*

  • Promotes a healthy gut microbiome*
  • Helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels*
  • Aids digestion and nutrient absorption*
  • Supports hormonal balance and detoxification*
  • Good source of fiber in every serving

cellular beauty+

A revolutionary, science-backed cosmeceutical*

cellular beauty+

Our revolutionary formula features four science-backed cosmeceutical ingredients. Astaxanthin, phytoceramides and ubiquinol CoQ10 are clinically shown to support skin hydration, elasticity, smoothness, barrier function, and wrinkle reduction. Bioactive ubiquinol CoQ10 and whole fruit pomegranate extract promote cellular rejuvenation, increase active CoQ10 levels (which decline with age), and deliver key antioxidants to combat oxidative stress.*

  • Helps reduce the size of wrinkles and fine lines*
  • Supports skin hydration, elasticity and smoothness*
  • Enhances skin photoprotection from UV rays*
  • Promotes cellular metabolism, energy and rejuvenation*

omega-3 potency+

Delivers the right amount of crucial fatty acids so your body can function at its best.*

omega-3 potency+

Over 90 percent of Americans are falling short on recommended levels of omega-3 intake. In just 2 gelcaps, omega-3 potency+ delivers 1,500 mg of 100% sustainably sourced marine omega-3s EPA and DHA in their triglyceride form for superior bioavailability. Third-party ORIVO certified for authenticity, verifying the fish oil species and origin using the latest fingerprinting technology. We include organic lemon oil so there is no aftertaste.*

  • 1.5 grams of marine omega-3s EPA + DHA in just 2 gelcaps
  • Daily essential for heart, brain, joint, eye, immune, perinatal, and overall health*
  • Optimized 4:3 EPA:DHA ratio
  • Certified sustainability from sea-to-softgel
  • 100% wild-caught, cold-water anchovies from the South Pacific

brain guard+

Unlock the power of your brain – improve mental processing speed on Day 1*†

brain guard+

Most people don’t realize our brains start shrinking in our 30’s. It’s never too early to get a head start on brain health with this neurologist-recommended supplement.* Take brain guard+ to feel sharper, clearer, and calmer, all at the same time.*

  • Improve working memory on day 1*†
  • Improve stress response on day 1*†
  • Improve processing speed on day 1*†
  • Combat brain fog and enhance mental clarity and attention span*

Our cutting-edge formula supports neurotransmitter production and increases blood flow to the brain to help enhance mental sharpness. This trio of clinically-researched nootropics – 2 patented and 1 proprietary – are designed to improve how your brain works and promote brain longevity.*

vitamin C potency+

A potent antioxidant that helps your body run properly every single day— not just certain times of the year.*

vitamin C potency+

vitamin C potency+ delivers a powerful 1,000 mg vitamin C dose per serving (equivalent to 15 oranges) of our body's primary antioxidant in a gentle and optimized form. Backed by clinical research, this scientifically advanced formula demonstrates superior ability to raise vitamin C levels in our body, achieve retention in cells, and deliver powerful antioxidant actions compared to other forms of vitamin C.*

  • Raises vitamin C levels more effectively than other types*
  • Superior absorption and antioxidant action in the body*
  • Promotes healthy inflammatory response and biomarkers*
  • Increases cellular uptake and vitamin C retention (233% higher)*
  • Supports immune, skin, joint, cellular energy, cognitive, and vascular health*

immune support+

Your daily essential as the world opens up*

immune support+

Our breakthrough formula combines two cutting-edge bioactives (quercetin phytosome + beta-glucan) and a foundational trio of essential nutrients (vitamin C + vitamin D3 + zinc bisglycinate) clinically shown to help strengthen your body’s natural defenses.*

  • Supports a healthy and resilient immune system*
  • Nurtures the development and protection of immune cells*
  • Bolsters antioxidant defenses*
  • Excellent source of vitamin C, vitamin D3 and zinc in each serving

daily detox+

detox support to promote liver and whole-body cleanup*

daily detox+

daily detox+ supports your body against the constant onslaught of environmental and internal stressors. The body detoxes 24/7, but our natural systems need targeted support to combat the oxidative stress brought on by this continual assault. This breakthrough formula supports comprehensive detoxification processes at the cellular and multi-organ levels, including our liver, kidneys, lungs, gut, and skin.*

  • Supports detoxifying organs: liver, kidneys, lungs, skin, and gut*
  • Promotes binding, filtering, and removal of toxins*
  • Combats oxidative stress*
  • Clinically shown glutathione bioavailability & efficacy*
  • Supports daily whole-body antioxidant capacity*


Sustained daily energy and focus, minus the crash*


focus+ is a breakthrough nootropic that delivers clean, sustainable energy to your cells, mind, and body, all in just one capsule. Our formula combines clinically researched botanicals and bioactives with sustained-release technology that energizes you for the day, minus the crash or jitters.*

  • Delivers instant and sustained whole-body energy*
  • Combats mental fatigue and afternoon slump*
  • Improves productivity and performance*
  • Supports mood-enhancing neurotransmitter production*
  • Promotes a healthy stress response and resilience*

methylation support+

Supports cardiovascular health with ultra potent B vitamin complex*

methylation support+

Over half of the U.S. population has an MTHFR gene variant that can impact their ability to metabolize essential B vitamins like folic acid into their fully active forms which are required for every cell of our body. methylation support+ is an ultra-potency complex that delivers methylated folate as part of a family of fully activated B vitamins (B2, 6, 9, and 12) plus betaine. This gene-focused solution promotes optimal methylation pathways that impact everything from our DNA and neurotransmitters to our heart, brain, energy production, and protein balance.*

  • Fully activated B vitamin + betaine complex
  • Supports MTHFR gene variant pathways*
  • Required for synthesis of DNA and RNA, red blood cells, and neurotransmitters*
  • Supports healthy homocysteine and SAM-e levels*
  • Aids cardiovascular, neurological, and detox systems*

Sorry, no matches.


gut health collection

gut health
Support regularity, bloating, gas and digestion

daily essentials collection

Daily Essentials
Well-being essentials to help you stay on top of your health*

longevity & vitality collection

Comprehensive longevity essentials for healthy aging*


metabolic health
Multi-pronged approach to promote healthy weight & body composition*

ultimate multivitamin+

daily essentials
Daily comprehensive multi that provides your body with a steady supply of the nutrients it needs to function at its best*

sleep support+

Finally, a supplement that delivers deep sleep - without any morning grogginess*

postbiotic hand wash

barrier supporting skin care
Bright scent, lush lather & hydrating ingredients

postbiotic hand cream

microbiome skin care
Rich yet fast-absorbing formula that nourish your microbiome

body cream

barrier supporting skin care
A whip-thick body cream for serious hydration

dry body oil

barrier supporting skin care
Instantly restore radiance to dull, lackluster skin

organic fiber potency+

gut health
Advanced fiber sources to promote satiety and regularity*

beauty & gut collagen+

The one-step beauty routine for holistic inside-out support.*

eye health+

Visual performance support for the digital age*

vitamin D3 potency+

daily essentials
Optimized vitamin D3 with absorption technology for whole-body health*

brain guard+

Brain nutrition for cognitive performance and mental clarity*

dream mist

nighttime linen mist
A turn-down service for your senses

turmeric potency+

Daily Essentials
Promotes a healthy inflammatory response for whole-body health*

postbiotic body lotion

barrier supporting skin care
Ultra-hydrating formula that nourishes your skin barrier


gut health
Four targeted strains to beat bloating and support gut health*

vitamin C potency+

Daily Essentials
A potent antioxidant that helps your body run properly every single day— not just certain times of the year.*

gut health bundle+

Gut Health
Reset your gut microbiome and optimize digestive health through the power of pre- and probiotics*


Sustained daily energy and focus, minus the crash*

omega-3 potency+

daily essentials
Delivers the right amount of crucial fatty acids so your body can function at its best.*

methylation support+

Daily essentials
Supports cardiovascular health with ultra potent B vitamin complex*

organic veggies+

daily greens
Nutritional power of daily greens made easy*

cellular beauty+

A revolutionary, science-backed cosmeceutical*

daily detox+

Detox support to promote liver and whole-body cleanup*

immune support+

Your daily immunity shield*

glow from the inside out bundle+

Go deep beyond the surface with cellular beauty+ and beauty & gut collagen+

lip balm

barrier supporting skin care
Moringa-based formula which feeds your skin antioxidants, instantly hydrates & long lasting wear

practice self-care collection

Treat yourself
Promote a healthy glow, inside & out*


Support executive function and cognitive flexibility*

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