5 Ways This Supplement Helps Beat Brain Fog For Mental Clarity*

Your brain is always working. It’s responsible for helping you pay attention during the day. It releases hormones that affect your mood. And it stores memories and information (and recalls them later). So supporting your brain shouldn’t be a passive process.

mindbodygreen’s brain guard+ is full of nootropics (cognitive-supporting ingredients) that go beyond what food alone can do.*

This innovative formula includes premium and patented nootropic ingredients (i.e., citicoline as Cognizin®, kanna as Zembrin®, and resveratrol as Veri-te™), all of which have clinical studies to boot.

Here are 5 reasons why brain guard+ should be your top choice for daily and long-term cognitive support whether you’re 30 or 80.*

1. Improves your memory

Your memories and experiences make you who you are. The full-potency doses of each ingredient in brain guard+ enhance memory creation, retention, and recall. In fact, Cognizin® has been shown to improve working memory on day 1. So whether the name of an acquaintance is on the tip of your tongue or you’re soaking up new moments with kids (or grandkids), brain guard+ can help you out.*†

2. Combats occasional brain fog

Whether you find yourself lacking sustained concentration or running on a low mental battery, brain guard+ can help clear this fogginess. And Cognizin® can help improve attention, (allowing you to tune out distractions) and support mental clarity in as few as four weeks.*†

3. Improves mental processing speed

Both citicoline and resveratrol can help you feel sharper. So the next time you’re answering a question, your response may come a bit quicker than normal.*

4. Supports blood flow to the brain

This may not seem like a big deal, but smooth and efficient blood flow to the brain is vital for absolutely everything. Blood delivers oxygen and nutrients to the brain (this organ requires a lot). And our antioxidant powerhouse, Veri-te™ resveratrol, in particular, supports this cerebral blood flow while also combating oxidative stress.*

5. Helps balance mood and increase stress resilience

Passing each day with mental clarity and an even-keeled mood isn't some pipe dream. The kanna extract in brain guard+ helps deliver a sense of calmness and mood balance so you're more equipped to handle stressful situations (starting day 1).*†

If you made it to #5 you’re obviously serious about protecting your brain…


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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

†Benefits assume daily use and are evidence-based estimates rooted in clinical science at the ingredient level. Individual results may vary.


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