Cellular beauty has arrived with this revolutionary formula*


with astaxanthin, rhodiola, phytoceramides and betaine

NR is clinically proven to increase NAD+ which declines with age.* The ingredients in our unique formula have been shown to promote cellular energy production, glowing skin, and reduce the size of wrinkles.*

  • Supports cellular rejuvenation*
  • Promotes youthful skin from within*
  • Reduces the size of wrinkles*
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Our nr+ formula

We care deeply about where our ingredients come from. We partner only with suppliers whose practices emphasize quality, science, and responsibility. Please store in a cool, dry place.

Increase cellular energy*

NR is clinically proven to increase levels of NAD+.* NAD+ is a molecule that drives cellular metabolism and helps our cells function at their best, but its levels decline with age. NR instantly boosts levels of NAD+ and naturally rejuvenates these cells.* 4

200 mg | USA

Reduce the size of wrinkles*

Phytoceramides (as Ceramosides™) help reduce dryness and wrinkles while significantly improving skin hydration, elasticity, and smoothness.* 1

30 mg | France

Promote youthful skin from within*

Astaxanthin (as AstaReal®), a potent antioxidant, protects the skin’s collagen layer and has been shown to help reduce fine lines and age spots and support skin hydration.* 2 3

3 mg | USA

Ease oxidative stress*

Rhodiola, an extensively studied adaptogen, reduces oxidative damage that can lead to accelerated aging.*

100 mg | Spain

Support metabolic processes*

Betaine supports key metabolic processes for healthy bones, blood vessels, brain function, and protects your heart.*

50 mg | Finland

Setting higher quality standards

No binders, fillers, preservatives, coating or shellacs
No gluten, eggs, dairy or soy
No artificial colors or flavors
No FODMAPS, lectins, oils or stevia
No gut irritants. heavy metals, or magnesium stearate

Reviewed by a team of Experts

This formulation is unique because it contains key ingredients that slow the aging process.

Heather Moday, M.D.

nr+ is truly a powerhouse supplement. This formulation is so unique because it contains key ingredients that slow the aging process on multiple levels. As a doctor, I insist on the highest purity standards and quality with supplements, and mindbodygreen and Thorne hit the bull’s-eye with this one. I am taking it myself, and I can’t wait to start using nr+ with my patients.*

I’ve already noticed that my skin looks a little more youthful.

Ellen Vora, M.D.

I've already noticed that my skin looks a little more youthful. Within a few weeks, there was a decrease in the appearance of fine lines on my forehead and around my eyes. As a holistic psychiatrist, I see how low energy affects our physical and emotional health, both in my patients and my own life. Since taking nr+ my overall energy has improved, and I feel a bit more engaged and focused at work.*

I’ve seen fine lines disappear and my skin feels more hydrated, dewy, and smooth.

Tara Stiles

I take nr+ for its powerful skin benefits. My family and I travel a lot, and I’m mindful of the toll it can take on my skin. Since starting mindbodygreen’s nr+, I’ve seen fine lines disappear and my skin feels more hydrated, dewy, and smooth. I’ve always taken care of my skin, but it’s become even easier to maintain and restore my glow with this product.*

This formula is next-level and keeps me feeling and looking youthful.

Hill Harper

Recently I’ve been starting my day with nr+, and my energy levels have consistently improved. I feel like I can accomplish more in the day—whether I’m on set shooting The Good Doctor or trying to keep up with my 3-year-old son, energy and vitality are cornerstones for having a great day! Because I am an actor, author, and motivational speaker, it’s so important that I look and feel my best. That’s why I’m thrilled I found nr+. I’m also all about the skin benefits; this formula is next-level and keeps me feeling and looking youthful!*

If you are looking for the* wellness supplement everyone will be talking about in a few years*, this is it!

Carlene Thomas, RDN

As a dietitian and food lover, I’m picky with what supplements are worth my time. mindbodygreen’s nr+ makes the cut every day to help my body work efficiently by supporting natural energy production on a cellular level while promoting healthy aging. If you’re looking for the wellness supplement everyone will be talking about in a few years, this is it!*

mindbodygreen and Thorne are leading the pack with this formula.

Hillary Biscay

Pretty soon after starting nr+, I noticed a huge difference not only in my energy levels but also my recovery during training. Fueling my day is so important⁠—especially as a mom of three. And as an Ironman champion and 66-time ironman finisher, choosing quality ingredients in my supplements is nonnegotiable. mindbodygreen and Thorne are leading the pack with this formula.*

If you raise NAD+, you promote a vital, healthy aging process.

Robert Rountree, M.D.

If you raise NAD+, you promote a vital, healthy aging process. Nicotinamide riboside is an incredibly promising compound that most people haven't heard about. This formula supports healthy aging by combining NR with rhodiola (an adaptogen), astaxanthin (a potent antioxidant from algae), betaine for heart health, and phytoceramides for radiant skin.*

All the “your skin is glowing!” comments are my favorite part.

Alexandra Engler

I obsess over skin care. It’s not just my job: it's how I care for myself and, in many ways, how I fuel my confidence. My first impression of nr+ was that it was coming at skin care and skin health from a totally new route, with nicotinamide riboside; It's equal parts preventive and restorative. Then of course you’ve got the antioxidants and phytoceramides, too. But if I'm being totally honest: All the "your skin is glowing!" comments are my favorite part.*

This product has brightened and awakened my skin!

Lia Bartha

I am a mom and fitness instructor living a busy life in New York with very little time for rest and recovery. This leads to not enough sleep, not enough time to let my muscles recover, and barely any time for a proper beauty routine. I teach and believe in caring for your body starting from deep inside, and nr+ has given me that access from my home, in pajamas. This product has brightened and awakened my skin and body back to its youthful state which makes me feel empowered!

My wrinkles are less noticeable, and my skin looks brighter.

Jason Wachob

For me, better cellular aging means sustained energy to go from early mornings and all-day meetings to tucking in my toddler and newborn without dragging. It’s why we set out to develop nr+, and the results have been better than I even dreamed. Plus, the skin benefits are hard to ignore. Within weeks, my wrinkles are less noticeable, and my skin looks brighter.*


Customer Reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

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Why is it important to take nr+?

nr+ contains nr (nicotinamide riboside), the precursor to NAD+ which naturally declines as we age, along with a host of other ingredients that boost its rejuvenating and energizing effects.

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Why should I take nr+ instead of taking an NAD supplement?

There are scarce--if any--significant clinical research that supports the benefit of NAD supplementation. By contrast, we have human clinical trials that support the benefit of NR supplementation in raising NAD levels.

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When should I take nr+?

We strongly recommend taking 2 capsules of nr+ first thing in the morning, every morning.

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Can I take nr+ if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

We recommend consulting with your trusted health care practitioner prior to consuming any nutritional supplements if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Safety & Quality: Testing Standards

4 Rounds of Testing

Our products go through 4 rounds of testing at Thorne’s state-of-the-art labs. Most competitors test only once or twice.

Certified Lab

Our products are tested for potency, purity, and contaminants like heavy metals and pesticides in an ISO-certified lab.

Pure Ingredients

None of our products contain artificial coloring or sweeteners, or unnecessary stearates or preservatives.

What the Science Says
  1. Bizot V, et al. Cosmetics 2017, 4, 37. https://www.mdpi.com/2079-9284/4/4/37
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