The Supplement That Helped Me Beat My All-Day, Insatiable Hunger

by Hanna Margaret Allen | mindbodygreen Executive Editor

by Hanna Margaret Allen

mbg Executive Editor

My appetite changed in the second half of 2022. I was more snacky, constantly thinking about my next meal, and just, well, wanting to eat more. My doctor asked me how much protein I was eating, and as a vegetarian for 10 years, I realized I probably could do better there. So, after a decade of no meat, I started eating meat again (that’s a story for a different day). Even with the upped protein intake, I was still so hungry.

That’s when I learned about fiber and the direct relationship it has with satiety, or feeling full.


Why does fiber matter?

“I feel more full (in a good way). 

I know fiber is important for my GI tract and probably entire body, but I was not expecting the side benefit – I feel more satisfied, like fuller and needing to snack less (or not at all). I guess fiber is what I was missing in my life, ha!”*


Verified Buyer of organic fiber potency+


Did you know only 5% of Americans get enough fiber every day? That means 95% of Americans (so, like, most) aren't meeting their recommended daily needs. How much fiber you need per day varies from person to person, but for me, it's at least 25 grams. (Spoiler alert: I wasn’t getting anywhere near that!) 

Fiber enhances feelings of satiety, which help you feel full for longer—a feeling I desperately wanted in my life.

While I think of myself as having a pretty healthy diet (my plate is often an amalgamation of veggies, grains, and both plant-based and animal protein, and I, for the most part, avoid processed foods), when I crunched the numbers of my go-to meals, I was coming up short on my fiber intake.

Why mindbodygreen's organic fiber potency+ is my go-to solution for satiety.

Fiber is a complex carb that comes from fruits, veggies, whole grains, and legumes—all foods I eat plenty of. In fact, many of these 25 high-fiber foods show up in my weekly (if not daily) rotation. And yet, I still wasn’t hitting the recommended daily intake. 

I wanted to see if getting closer to 25 grams per day would help me feel satiated. And like it was meant to be, we released our very own fiber product: organic fiber potency+.

This powder fiber supplement blends so easily into whatever I’m drinking. A hot beverage works great; but sometimes, for efficiency’s sake, I just toss it in my protein shaker and knock it back with eight ounces of water.

It doesn’t taste like anything and mixes amazingly well. When I start my day with fiber supplementation, I stick to three meals a day and the incessant snack monster in my head takes the day off.   

“I love this family friendly, super clean organic fiber blend from mbg. Even though I try to cook healthy, of course, it's genuinely hard to get enough fiber every day, so this organic fiber potency+ has become a fun routine for me and my kiddos. I know I can trust any formula from mindbodygreen, so thank you!”*

Joann G.

Verified Buyer of organic fiber potency+


The organic guar fiber, green kiwifruit, and mushroom trio (reishi, shitake, oyster) help get me to my goal of 25 grams per day while also providing added gut benefits (like supporting digestion, promoting gut microbiome diversity and abundance, and reducing bloat) and helping me maintain healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels.*

The takeaway.

Metabolic health is a particular passion of mine, and here I was, eating healthy but still struggling with blood sugar balance and satiety. I knew these were red flags, and all it took was a little leg up from organic fiber potency+ to get me to a place where food wasn’t always on the brain. The additional benefits? They’re pure icing on the cake.

What customers say about organic fiber potency+

  • “This product has made a real difference in my digestion and regularity. It feels quite gentle but effective b/c I’m noticeably less bloated and gassy. Another bonus is that I found myself more satiated during the day after I take it. I don’t feel the need to snack as much.”*

    Harper N., Verified Buyer

  • “I had been on the hunt for a good fiber supplement for me and my boyfriend when I came across organic fiber potency+. It not only has the amount of fiber i want but also, bonus points for prebiotics AND probiotics. We both like the taste and it’s been a great addition to our routine. Obvious winner compared to other products we’ve tried.”*

    Abby C., Verified Buyer

  • “I struggle with regularity (even when trying to keep up a healthy diet and water intake!) and had the hardest time finding something that actually worked for me. This product has made a world of difference…more bowel movements but also more tummy comfort in general. Highly recommend”*

    Audrey O., Verified Buyer

  • After not taking powder fiber supplements due to the taste, this one is the best! No taste, can be mixed in anything and it has all the good stuff that eliminated some of my there supplements that I was taking (mushroom, prebiotic, probiotic)!!


    Joann G., Verified Buyer

Fiber isn’t optional

Not getting enough fiber has whole-body ramifications that can seriously impact your overall gut health, bowel movements, immune resilience, cardiovascular health, metabolic function, mental well-being, and more.

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